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released February 3, 2017

Nick Cela - drums
Daniel Kearney - guitar, vocals
Nick Paldino - bass, vocals, cowbell, tambourine
Scott Sugarman - vocals, guitar, tambourine (badly)

"Pavement" by Scott Sugarman, Danny Kearney, and Nick Paldino
"Tennis Camp" by Scott Sugarman
"Deathdriven" by Scott Sugarman and Danny Kearney

Recorded at The End in Brooklyn, NY
Mixed and recorded by Michael Duncan (mdncn.com)
Mastered by Mike Tucci

Additional vocals on "Pavement" by Corey Farwell, Darell Koh, and Matt Mirro

Art by Danny Kearney, Catherine Hoar, and Scott Sugarman



all rights reserved


Glass Tactics New York, New York

Indie/alt/punk-inflected rock n' roll, NYC.

Scott Sugarman
Danny Kearney
Nick Paldino
Jacob Berg

Booking: glasstactics@gmail.com

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Track Name: Pavement
She would damn these Christians
Just like Nero did
Send them to the pit
Post office closed, now her package is hostage
Myrtle Ave’s a graying din, rain is threatening
But this one girl’s out flyering
She stops her with a fist, extends an offering
In Comic Sans is writ:
Our church invites you in

She snatches the flyer, shudders, and thinks of home
The drop ceilinged chapel, Mom’s chemo, snowbound roads
Studied theater and history for an incomplete degree
Worried about practicality, but she loved those stories
Then she moved to NYC to try to act
Bed-Stuy to be precise, when swine glide she’ll go back
But it’s like giving up a kidney by the way they tax these cigarettes
Cash ain’t exactly raining from the track-marked firmament

She grabs a pack by her place
Finds her roommate
Buying Fluff and mumbling

All I want is nothing short of more
Is something more than the norm
All I got were some soles more worn
Than they were before
And I feel it feel it feel it feel it
But I like the way they sound on the pavement

At the church the girl stuffs the flyers in her bag
Enough with all these white girls shuffling by, looking sad
But the congregation’s changing
And it always welcomes new friends or
So Mom had explained while slumped against the headboard
She smooths her blouse, sighs, and checks her texts
Her best friend keeps asking about the bio test
But after Mom’s surgery, will there even be time for school
How to find relief in “I know the plans I have for you”

Up above screams the J
Commuters sway

And what I want
Is nothing short of more
Than it all
Track Name: Tennis Camp
Southern California
He's off to tennis camp
Overheads, new friends, the fresh scent of Wilson cans
Bret get gets him a Maxim mag
When they're down in town
Looking at the girls inside
When the other boys are leaving on a practice round
He slides it out
From under the couch
With shaking grip-stained hands

Hey bud
The ball's in your court
Or maybe not, she chopped the drop shot short
Yanking you up to the net
From the page
Dash to the baseline
The boys are back on break time
Forfeit the mag, you can't win them all
Plus Jimmy's got a date with the bathroom stall
Men are being made in Cabin A

Sean's the only other kid
Who ever has to shave
Misses fine black hairs on his jawline every other day
Ten beds to a cabin
They're complaining of a smell
Kid don't care much
Reading Sabriel in his bunk
But the boys are raising hell
Pajamas sweat-soaked
When he wakes
But it don't ring any bells

Hey bud
You're going down with love
Your doubles match alongside Alison
The hottest chick in the camp
"Whose dick did you suck to get that"
The boys say
Dash to the baseline
A lob's aloft there's no time
Your rackets kiss and fall
Never seen a girl
Pissed like this before

Boomboxing on the breeze
Other kids hanging up his clothes
On the fences as they please
Sweating on the courts
Shaking as he sees
Cans of Axe© in Ricky's hands
Spraying AC/DC tees
And his sleeping bag
And Alison is looking

Last night of tennis camp
The kid's packing his bags
Thinks he's free but suddenly
They gather 'round his bunk
They turn and pull down their pants revealing
Cracks of ass
They swear, they say
He's so damn gay
They spray him down with Axe©

Hey kid
So you want to be a man
Better send your mom to Longs
To get some spray cans
And what about the other kids you ask

Well, Bret is gonna find his old man's mags
Ricky's brother's gonna crack him a beer
Sean will catch a couple punches for his weird-ass stache
And all are pumped for tennis camp next year
Track Name: Deathdriven
a night of costume-destroying rain
My bullshit about impermanence was so deep
I got stuck
Slurring, "It's just like the ending of the Matrix Revolutions”
Should've dressed up as Keanu

Remember when I first felt I'd die
Reading tucked in Babar-patterned sheets
Learned about the cooling universe and entropy 
It strangely made me think of me
Call it solipsism jr 
I ran down the hardwood hall
Found Papa at the computer
Bathed in the screenlight
So I walked back alone

I was death driven
Pajamaed and afraid
Obsessed with the end
If there's one shot at living
Set the odds I'd be choking

Remember the first time we cried
Three rounds & a sound in the background
It’s five years from that dorm room
And I can't imagine how we'll say goodbye

Holding time at the powder house roundabout 
The butterflies in frat basement gloom
Revolutions inside of cocoons
And how soon we'd lose it

I was death driven
Drunk among the leaves
Cherry trees and your touch
Now we're spinning through seasons 
Summon our spring
Turn it all up, let's turn it all up
(death driven, we're death driven)
We keep waking up
(death driven, we're death driven)
Let's turn it all up

To keep waking up
To turn it all up

We are death driven
Afraid of fading out
Into that end
If there's one chance at living
Then let's turn it up until we can't