Strange Call

by Glass Tactics

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Running around with a plunger on my head It's my hand tugging on the other end If only the procedure was easy As suction and some elbow grease To liberate me from these fleshy confines Skin liable to erupt with the yellow slime Hair from chin to groin but a voice that ain't even deep Oh it cracks it creaks Shed this pillar of meat instead Of sheltering weakness held within Give me a vessel steered by the shit inside my head Running around on metal legs is easy Goodbye 12-minute miles dreaded in PE Plus they've got mini thrusters tucked away in the sides of the shins Two arms of steel won't get you cut from the tennis team Kind of control of which Tetsuo could only dream Plus they've got hidden slits which emit a custom pheromone mix For anybody lucky enough To gaze 'pon the face that'd make Narcissus look up Designed by the ghost of a certain turtleneck-wearing man (And don't forget the year-round tan) In 60 years mine will remain the same Yours will resemble topographical survey Your organs are failing and mine get a yearly upgrade Shed this pillar of meat instead Don't look back on the welter of sin Give me a vessel steered by the shit inside my head "Hold my beer" future me will say Wheeling your chair to the end of the deck Watch me do liners down into the uncanny valley
My friend's got an asymmetrical beard but who am I to talk shit He's pinned to his couch cause he threw his back out Tossing MBS boxes At the bookstore and after our shift I help him home with a pack of six Three for me three for him For me distraction for him medicine We talk around his novel I know it's in the notebook he keeps in the backroom desk I should go home to sleep but he's hungry He laughs and he asks if I could grab a couple slices for a starving artist This guy showed a sepia tone tooth when he smiled I was reading by the statue at Columbus Circle And we talked for a little while He introduced me to his quiet wife They moved from New Delhi for a better life Construction management he confided Would be ideal but e-commerce got them by He had laminates about Amway Nodded along but all that came to my mind were trains Now it's a scam to me but maybe they think the same thing Maybe it's a means of getting something a little better to eat Now I've got an asymmetrical beard and an office job Probation's over I'm burning through toner so I'm gonna grow it long There's healthcare access but Obama's got me covered Wish I could lend it to my bookstore brother See the painter at the canvas Protesters on campus Cat in her lab The city's alive And there's me Another wannabe Fiddling with the speed dials on my old Technics I'm like you you see Don't need to be in bed to dream Two years in the city and I'm still fucking hungry
Strange Call 03:34
An ancient name illuminates your screen Your closet of a room The radiator's patient pool By 6 there will be boiled oats to swallow There will be boots with salt-crust soles There will be streets thick with dirt-spit snow There will be calls missed but the car won't dig itself out So go Strange call pulls you backward To when it was enough to think Of strange calls pushing you forward To the future that held everything Days are ready-made But this one brings a change It's a strange call to you Pull up in the parking lot Of the Malden Stop and Shop It's a new dawn it's a new day So will you return the call It might be early but it might be urgent It might be nothing but who knows for certain Maybe it's a portal to a better place Or an oracle of portents awaits In any case Pushed by the hand of fate Is better than being held in place With a phone and imagining Strange calls pulling backward To when it was enough to think Of strange calls pushing you forward To the future that held everything Days are ready-made But this one brings a change It's a strange call to you
Eschaprom 05:54
High on shoeshine In the two-bed railroad Contacts dry Still up watching videos Stumbled upon that scene Where an airplane turbine crashes through the roof From one of my favorite movies When I was a shy kid in high school And I remember the first time HDMI at Payam's home Although all my friends were there I felt it spoke to me alone Now I know It was the same selfishness again Driving out for pizza and cheesy bread I was lying in the minivan trunk staring at the sky Vaguely wishing the world would end They were talking 'bout girls watching out for cops Cause there were nine of us and some had hotboxed I was thinking about earthquakes floods the wrath of God And gathering forces beyond MVLA Apocalypse is fine When else would I get to save my loved one's lives A fifth boardsman swooping in Stooping on a second-hand Sector 9 Every day changed No more freaking out about my GPA NSA's a-calling saying "We've been watching you all this time So take this laser weapon prototype See the invasion fleet make 'em meet their doom" Flames would rise Water would fall Wormholes would open up I'd score a date to the eschaprom I was chewing on a burnt bit of crust The slice was over cooked an extra minute or ten When the pizza chick left it in the oven Was the same kind of story playing in her head When she stepped out On a smoke break I was the extra She'd forgotten my face I was whining inside Poking scorched dough Snapping those plastic fork tines In my movie she'd probably die What I mean is a pixel of CGI Drowned in a digital tide Guess who's kicking ass back at the storm's eye Vorpal blade mirrored shades Hasta la vista yippee ki yay Bay rearranged like Lombard Street From SF to San Jose What say the starving souls in EPA If it was all for a privileged kid to have his fun Trading in all of the comforts of my mundane disappointment Now I know back at Payam's place We were all hypnotized Yeah that shit was made for me for sure And a few other million worldwide Now I can laugh At bunny suit prophecies But that don't keep me from smelling like shoeshine Watching YouTube after midnight Terrified
If I Despair 04:30
If I despair now Take me way way back I'd ask myself, "What's it like to have lights, you know kid You ain't got it all that bad" We'd be out dancing having fun Two bodies aligned until mine wasn't Two others beside us to whom we did not exist His hand light upon her hip And she touched his hair So if I despaired Between four to six beers Cut me off or pour another Pint for a lightweight who'd cry when the night was done But that was decades ago Now we sit by the fire Wild with luck we've found A couple tins floated in From a ship last night in the Sound We laugh and remember how we used to get so down Crooked fingers lift soy paste from metal to mouth So if I despair now I know it's only gonna get worse If I despair now Remind me of the fight It might not change a thing But the friction it brings Creates its own firelight If I despair now On our little barge Take my hand in the dark


released August 23, 2019

Daniel Kearney - Guitar
Nick Paldino - Bass, Vocals
Scott Sugarman - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Additional musicians:
Carlo Minchillo - Drums
Gabe Smoller - Vocals, Percussion
Macy - Bark

All songs by Daniel Kearney, Nick Paldino, and Scott Sugarman, except "Strange Call," by Daniel Kearney, Rick Kearney, Nick Paldino, and Scott Sugarman

All lyrics by Scott Sugarman (except the first line of "I Was a Teenage Transhumanist," by Daniel Kearney)

Recorded at Savaria Studios, Danbro Studios, Gabe's place, and Nick's place by Gabe Smoller, Tym Wojcik, Nick Paldino, and Scott Sugarman

Mixed and Mastered by Skylar Ross Recording

Photo by Freddie Wyss
Design by Scott Sugarman


all rights reserved



Glass Tactics New York, New York

Indie/alt/punk-inflected rock n' roll, NYC.

Scott Sugarman
Danny Kearney
Nick Paldino


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